Medical Tourism in India is as old as history goes. Plastic Surgery was first performed in India in the year 800 BC, medicine through its traditional route ‘Ayurveda’, now popular world over has been in practice here for some 3500 years. Today India is the destination of choice for modern treatment. Up-Class medical facilities and some of the best physicians are available in all major cities. My Medical People (MMP) is a step in this direction to help people all over the world find world class and affordable treatment with no waiting time. MMP ties up with hospitals that have skilled doctors and use the latest technology, so that you get what is best for you!
The company was started by Dr Gaurav Agarwal who has experience handling international patients for more than seven years. MMP is based out of New Delhi and operates through out the country!
Our task is to take care of everything so you take care of just yourself... Here is how:

Local knowledge is vital when seeking treatment beyond your borders. We help you here by identifying hospital and a doctor that is best equipped to handle your case. Once you have given us the initial few details about yourself, we shortlist medical care centers (Hospitals) on the basis of your medical condition and pass on these details to them. On receiving an initial assessment of your treatment and costs involved, we will forward these to the patient for him to make an informed decision. This step is often followed by the exercise in which the patient send us more reports to help the doctors understand the condition better. MMP will also provide the patient, details for the hospital, doctors biography and anything else that you may need to decide about you visit. We will also arrange for a tele-conferencing between where you may put forward your questions.

Visa, Travel, Documentation:
Visa for medical treatment is one the easiest to avail. But at the same time it requires a lot of paperwork. MMP will help you gather documents and guide you through the process. We will book your tickets on the airline and class of your choice. MMP keeps in mind your preferences and will put you across to the best of the hotels in our network. We choose our partners keeping in mind multiple parameters, foremost being your safety and the proximity of the hotel to the hospital.

Local Assistance:
Upon arrival an ambulance or a car will pick the patient at the airport. We will settle any accompanying members in a hotel and put the patient across to the treating institution. During your stay you can reach us 24X7 for all your needs. Local travel, phones, internet, currency exchange, banking or anything else that you may require is taken care of by our team.

Treatment can be an exhaustive exercise, that is why we recommend mixing holiday with treatment. You can plan a short trip or an elaborate one, you may be surprised that India is not just a hot country, it can freeze up to –35 degrees on the centigrade scale in winters. One should take some time out to enjoy this diversity. You may book your own holidays or ask us to do it for you.

The process:

How does the process work?
My Medical People ensures that you get all the help that is required at all the steps! We guarantee your satisfaction!