Terms & Conditions
Most Important Terms & Conditions
We understand that reading though the legal jargon can be tedious, we have therefore picked out the most important terms that may you should know. A full copy of Terms and Conditions will be provided to you before we sign on the dotted line.
My Medical People is a wholly owned division of My Medical People Enterprises. We do not offer medical or legal advice. Our aim is to provide our customers access to quality, world-class medical services at affordable prices.
We partner our customers during this journey to provide a quality service. We cannot however accept any responsibility for the outcome of any medical or surgical treatment you receive based on any information you receive from us. We act as facilitators introducing our customers to our service partner, assist with the logistics of organising the treatment and helping you in all ways but medical treatment or any act related to it. We will at no stage act against the advice of the doctors.
My Medical People India does not control or operate any Treating Institution, neither does it operate or control any facility or service provided by the Treating Institution mentioned in the Package. The Treating Institution shall be solely responsible for all treatment to be provided by it to the Participants / Patient, including but not limited to surgical, medical, wellness, beauty and all related queries, opinions and complications and My Medical People India shall not be responsible for the same. If the Participant / Patient (and his / her family members / relatives / escorts / friends making the booking on behalf of the Participant / Patient) has any complaint in respect of the services rendered by the Treating Institution, he / they should forward such complaints directly to the Treating Institution without any recourse to My Medical People India.
Payment terms are flexible and will be tailored for you. Every charge would be described supported by an invoice that would be made available to you. In general the part of total price that contains treatment costs can be directly transferred to the hospital, while the rest is sent to us through Bank Transfer, Cheque, Credit Card Payment or Cash. You may withhold 25% of the treatment cost and pay at arrival, the hospital will not start treatment unless payment has been made in full.
Rest assured, everything will be worked out to make your visit as less stressful as possible.