What is ?
What is Medical Tourism?
The word was coined a couple of decades ago when patients started to move internationally to seek medical treatment. The history of medical treatment is not new and dates back to thousands of years. With new age information sharing and ease of travel the process has become easy and affordable.
Most people who seek medical help beyond their borders do it for the reason that either a particular treatment is not available in their country, high prices, long waiting time to have the procedure done or any combination these. A facilitator like us supports the patient in planning, executing the the trip and at the same time being a local support and assistance
What Countries can I go to?
You can actually spot a country on the map and travel there for treatment. But you should decide taking into consideration local expertise, cost, duration of travel and history of treatment.
What is My Medical People?
As you might have read this earlier, this company was started by a doctor and has been handling International patients for over seven years now. MMP works as a consultant to the patient, helping him decide what hospital to travel, getting them to choose and speak to the doctor of their choice, working out visa formalities, local assistance and more or less anything that you may need at anytime.
What diseases are treated?
The treatment on section this website talks about a few of the diseases that are most often addressed to. But the list is not exhaustive and we advise you to get in touch with us to know if we can help you with your condition.
What is the advantage of coming over to India?
Top class medical facilities and service combined with low cost compared to most countries in the world. India has been the host to patients for over two decades now and the top brass hospitals are well experienced in handling queries.
What if I do not speak English very well, how will I manage?
We have interpreters for most of the languages so language barrier should not hold you back
Is India a safe country to travel?
India is as criminal or as safe as most other places on the globe. There is nothing alarming in the country at the moment.
What if I want to bring someone along?
We recommend that you should. Treatment is an emotionally stressful experience and it is good to have family or friends around. For all other things you will have us at your service
Can I travel around India after being treated?
Yes! If the doctor says you are fit to travel, we recommend you travel around the country that you have trusted your health with.
At this stage you will many more questions to ask. This is why we have live chat help line and there is a call centre that you may call and ask what is on your mind.